Sunday, May 15, 2011

Laurell & Hardy Quickie

Sawyer was sitting on a wooden kitchen stool eating his cereal. Oden sat beside him. With the addition of the stool, Sawyer was finally taller than Oden, and taking full advantage. He swooped his spoon under the dogs nose, hugged his neck, and in general made Oden wait as long as possible for his cereal milk.
Finally Oden got fed up and walked away. Sawyer, upset he would have no one to bug, grabbed Odens tail, yelling "No, Stay!"
Oden kept walking. Sawyer didn't let go. Oden pulled him right off the stool. Sawyer hit the floor, looking indignant. Oden went in the next room and laid on the couch.
I said to Sawyer, as he picked himself up: 'You so deserved that."

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ChefSara said...

awesome! i can picture it. we're lucky that thea pretty much just freezes, then turns to lick sean's face when ever he pulls her tail...