Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hi, Universe, Thanks!

Sometimes, all the Universe wants, is to be paid attention to. In fact, that's generally all it wants, ever. Which seems easy, right? I mean, we live in this Universe, we see it every day, it shouldn't be that hard to pay attention and notice it now and then...

I lamented earlier this week, that I was overwhelmed. Too much to do, too many people to see to, not enough money, not enough time. What I really wanted to do, I screamed, was write! Why couldn't I just freakin' write?

And what about getting out of town? Could I leave my house now and then? Please? Could I see other people? Is that so much to ask?

12 hours later, I got an email from a friend. Would I take a look at her novel, and point out any plot holes?

Then another eil: Mel's coming home! Party in my yard with all my friends!

A day later, a panicked phone call from another friend: Her partner in a project wasn't able to carry on, and could I write a piece to accompany her art? In a day? With non-existant guidelines?

Then a heads up from my family: Oftyfest 11 is a go, and we're going to have 7 people and a puppy come visit this weekend! I have people to try my new chili recipe on, and Oden has a buddy to chase!

Today I went to pick Tris up at camp, and timed it all wrong, which ended up with me stuck on a hot, sandy playground with a way over-tired toddler, for an hour. So I called Susan, to pass the time. And got invited to go to Rangley for a weekend, to stay at a fishing camp, with my fisherman husband. Oh, and the giant dog gets to go, too.

Today, I gave away a huge furniture set on freecycle. I picked the person who was the most polite, of the three receivers who emailed at the same time. Her name is Angela, and she'll be here tomorrow for the set.. and she sent the most lovely note about an hour ago. She'd seen my blog tag at the end of my emails, and liked my posts. The one about Amy and Teddy made her weepy.

I want to write! I want to see people! I want to go away! I yelled. The Universe paid attention.

And, because that's the way it works, the Universe is going to yell sometime, and I'm not going to be able to ignore it.

Today a bunch of people in Iran and Turkey, IRAN and TURKEY of all places, read my words.
Thanks, Universe. I'm yours for the taking.