Sunday, October 25, 2009

Shamble for a Cure! Or, you know, Braaaiiinnnsss

I hear that there are towns in New England that hold Fall Festivals with things like apple pie baking contests and foliage peeping tours.

Thank God I don't live there!

For the Fourth year running, Dover was the host city for a Zombie Walk. A shambling, limb -shedding horde that gathers each year to .. well, really, to go for coffee. We don't have a higher cause or greater purpose. We're zombies.

This years walk started out at the Silver Moon Creperie on 3rd street, for a little pre-stumble apple cider. When the crowd reached 'horde' proportions, we made our way through downtown Dover, amusing and attempting to eat passersby. Those diners who chose window seats at Central ave restaurants got lunch AND a show, as the more articulate undead pressed themselves against windows and grunted "mmMm! Sushi Brains!" and the like.

The re-animated mob made it's way to Adelles coffee shop, where we were treated to half price coffee, a costume contest, and a brain eating race. I hear there was a discount on drinks at the Barley Pub, as well, once Woodsman Zombie Jill put away her chainsaw and got to work.

The brain eating race gets under way. This years winners in the no handed, 120 second feast? Two grade school boys who teamed up on one brain. (Yay Thai!) The cranium comestibles were disturbingly realistic in their nearly solid, bounced when dropped on the pavement texture. I heard that the "Cheese Brain" was taken from a Packers fan.

Our fearless, soulless leader, Captain Clow.

Folks, I'd like to propsoe a rule: If you get turned in to the walking dead, do NOT eat EMO KIDS! You will only turn them in to one of your own brain craving, bone gnashing kind.. and that's how we wind up with scenes like the one above. Emo Zombies. Feh.

Zombie love. It's eternal.

The horde sipping their 1/2 price drinks from ADELLES COFFEE SHOP! (Go there, buy coffee, make art.)

Never. Ever. Flip off a zombie nun. Because that's not HER finger she's holding up.

This is what a vegetarian zombie who grosses out at the sight of fake blood looks like. I can't explain the unicorns.

Itty bitty zombies need their bottles, and daddys.

Zombie walk rule #1: Obey the walk signals. This keeps you animated to shamble another day, as well as allowing valuable "freak out the people sitting in their cars" time.

Micheala taking advantage of the wait for the walk light, growling at passing motorists.

Our fan club. Yes, we have one. Don't you?


Amanda said...
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Amanda said...

Sweet account and photos of your day! Looks like it was a great time. Have I mentioned lately how much I love you, your family, and your lovely crazy friends. I do.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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